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Q&A 2

Q: What is the Lifetime finish?

 A: PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology is superior to traditional  
      coating methods. It is one among many surface treatments applied on  
      tools and machine elements to improve e.g. friction, corrosion, and  
      wear properties. In the areas of machining and tooling, PVD coatings  
      arwidely usede to increase the life and productivity of production tools. 
      This highly specialized, environmentally friendly PVD process occurs        
      inside a vacuum chamber where nitrogen, titanium, zirconium or other
      metals ions condense and adhere to a chrome plated plastic or metal
      substrate forming a thin, hard coating. This creates a layer of protection
      that provides longer lasting resistance to wear and tear of everyday use,
      and at the same time delivers an attractive more durable finish than
      alternative processes.